I work collaboratively to unpack problems, develop solutions and find meaningful ways to tell stories.

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We all have things we want, or need to put out into the world. Writing is one of the tools we use to do that.


Finding the right words and putting them together in a specific way, to truly be able to express what we think, feel and mean, can be as harrowing as it is exhilarating.


If you have a story you want told, but have only a heading, the makings of a document but have only notes, or a brand-new project, but have only blank spaces, get in touch and let's get it done.




In its most basic form, editing checks spelling tidies grammar and sweeps away stray punctuation marks.


At its best though, editing can be transformational. It finds the story that needs to be told, elevates its meaning out of the darkness and makes everything shiny and new.  


If you have a website that’s not quite hitting the mark, a blog that’s telling the wrong stories, or business documents that no longer matter or make sense, then get in touch and let’s work it out.  




Deciding what to do, then putting it into action can be tricky. You have to think about how to do it, then make it, build it, run it and feed it.


Strategy does all of this and more. It helps you identify the story you want to tell, decide who to tell it to and work out how it needs to be told.   


If you have an idea that needs work, a project that needs a plan or empty blogs, social feeds and inboxes that need attention, get in touch and let’s make some plans.  




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