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Don't be a stranger.

If you want to run your idea past me, talk about your project, or cry about the tangled corner you've got yourself in, email me and we can work out what's next. 


I PROMISE you are DEFINITELY NOT the first person with a vague idea of what you need, but no clue what to do next. 

Don't worry - we've got this. If you can summarise your problem into a sentence or two, we have a starting point. If you can't - call me or email me - and we'll brainstorm it together. Start with the basics, then let's take it from there.

Sometimes discussion is needed and for this I offer a 30 minute, free introductory session. We can have a chat in a Zoom call, or over the phone if you prefer. If you're in Melbourne and the timing is right, we could even meet for a coffee! 


Once you've hit the Book me in button below, you'll be taken to a calendar. Choose an available day and time and make your booking. We'll both be emailed a confirmation, including the Zoom link if relevant. 


Don't be a stranger, get in touch and together we'll work out what's next.   


Free intro session

Pick a time, book in
and we'll work out what's next
30 minutes
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