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Why should you get someone else to write your blog posts?

There are many things you need to do as a business owner and a lot of them depend completely on your expertise. Despite popular belief, writing your blog content yourself is not one of them. Telling the story of your business is an essential component of your marketing plan, and making sure the story is told in a clear and concise way, with some science behind it, is beyond the skills of most of us.

Although you may be required to contribute to the content, you will have a much more professional result if you enlist the services of a professional freelance blog writer to bring the content together for you. Here are a few reasons why.

 1. Objectivity

You are too close to your business. A freelancer will ask you questions about your business, to find out what it is you want to tell your readers about. They'll then be able to extract the key points from this to use as the foundation of your content and to form the story of your brand. They can do this without the layers of emotional investment that your decisions are cloaked in and can make sure the things you're most passionate about become part of the story.

2. Clarity

Because you live and breathe it every day, you also live with all the tiny details of your business. When writing blog content, the tiny details of your experiences are actually the least important part. A skilled freelancer can identify the ‘need to know’ parts of your stories and delicately get rid of the rest. This ensures your content is on point; clear and telling people specifically what they need to hear to engage with you, not all the lovely things you want to tell them. A freelancer will be sure to develop a refined and focused content strategy that clearly communicates your message to your market without distraction.

3. Shareability

You have NO idea how much you don’t know about writing content for the internet. The skill required for a freelancer to create blog content cannot be underestimated. Content must have some keywords but not too many, it must have engaging words that are carefully and purposefully selected and be structured in such a way that it suits the platforms you are targeting it at. All of this in combination determines the sareability of a post and shareable content is the holy grail of internet marketing these days. In literal terms, content that isn’t shared is the equivalent of a box of business cards sitting in a drawer gathering dust. The work of a professional ensures someone is dusting off the box and making sure the cards get handed out.

4. Consistency

Your best intentions are not enough when time is against you. As long as you have clients to serve, projects to finish and bills to pay, there'll always be a reason to reprioritise ‘finishing your blog’. The importance of a well functioning blog is the ongoing delivery of your message in a clear and concise way. A freelancer will develop the strategy with you in the first instance and then take responsibly for implementing the strategy in the long term. Investing every month in the guarantee that your content will appear is a small price to pay for a powerful and focused strategy.

5. Integrity

Businesses can live or die online these days. Every aspect of your online presence is up for comment and it only takes a small thing to ignite a ferocious debate. One badly composed tweet, one post full of typos, one poorly thought out sentence and it can all crumble at your feet. Choose the right freelancer and you're assured to have high quality outputs that tell your market you are serious and professional.

Of all the places we visit across the globe, the internet is the one we visit the most, yet it's also the most foreign to us. So much is familiar yet so much is a total mystery. However there are talented professionals out there who live online. Their intimate knowledge of the language and the landscape can work to your advantage and your investment will pay for itself in no time.

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