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Sydney, Australia. The icons in pictures

‘I’d give you all of Sydney Harbour, all that land, all that water, for that one sweet promenade. I’d give you all of Sydney Harbour, all that land, and all that water, for that one sweet promenade.’

From St Kilda to Kings Cross’ – Paul Kelly

I decided to start my year off by getting inspired, so I headed to Sydney for some much needed alone time. To soak up some sunshine, art and culture, in my favourite city by the sea. I strolled around the harbour and took in the icons – the bridge, the opera house, the ferries – a walk that never fails to make me feel truly feel Australian. It’s also really cool to get up close to these amazing structures and see beyond the postcard shots you are so familiar with.

Anish Kapoor 'Sky Mirror'

I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and saw the Anish Kapoor exhibition. I watched Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s fabulous giant rubber duck installation bob about in the sunshine. I dragged myself out of bed in the dark to watch Russian musician Arkady Shilkoper play the alpenhorn at sunrise on the top of the Opera House. I mean he was on the top and the rest of us squinted into the blinding morning sun trying to spot him. Because art people. ART. I even listened to the annoying non Aboriginal didgeridoo player who’s ALWAYS in front of the ferry terminal at Circular Quay and did not hate it.

Florentijn Hofman’s 'Rubber Duck'

If you haven’t been to Sydney, it’s hard to describe the feeling of being by (or on) the harbour on a warm Australian summer’s day. Put it on your list people. Really.

There are a million travel stories that have already been written about Sydney, but sometimes you really only need to feel the inspiration. To tell others you were inspired, without lengthy diatribes about how and why and long existential dissections that suck all of the simple love out of the experience you had.

So I will not contribute one more, but will let my pictures tell the story and hope that a bit of Aussie love rubs off on you.

Note: Paul Kelly is an incredible and iconic Australian musician. For more about him and his music check out his website.



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